By Adrian Thomas
April 10, 2019

What do we mean when we say omnichannel? This new approach to selling in today’s retail world was born out of a need to transcend any one medium and provide shoppers what they want, when they want it. A true omnichannel strategy does just that. Moving into this new, integrated selling environment offers an elevated buying experience, transforming the way everyday people consume and buy their products.

Omnichannel is NOT Multichannel

Multichannel retailing refers to selling through multiple channels simultaneously, yet separately, adopting individual sales methodologies and strategies. A truly omnichannel approach focuses on the customer, ensuring that shoppers can seamlessly navigate between each company touchpoint to make a single purchase.

Current trends show that business using omnichannel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates* compared to businesses that don’t.

How are retailers able to adapt to the rapid expansion of the omnichannel world? How do you stand above the competition while coordinating several moving channels at once? Here’s a hint: It all comes down to building robust internal systems focused on streamlining. One of the biggest components of this process includes adopting a system for accurate and efficient inventory counting.

The Key to Success: Accurate Inventory Counting

The way to successfully integrate a “buy-online, pick up in store system” or other omnichannel functionalities revolves around maintaining an accurate inventory count. In-the-moment inventory visibility prevents issues like mismatched stock, order inaccuracy or conflicts with other channels for constrained inventory. These issues, if not tackled, have significant negative impacts on a customer’s buying experience, their perspective of the brand and the likelihood of shopping with that retailer again.


omni-channel in flat thin line style - a hand hanging shopping bags

Integrating technology, movement of product, data automation and cohesive user experience leaves your customers with a positive reminder of the brand at every point of interaction.

By 2020, the demand for omnichannel will be amplified by the need for flawless execution. Are you ready?

Welcome to Datascan’s omnichannel-optimized inventory count solution. Datascan brings years of experience and best practices specific to the retail industry, all focused on delivering a successful count. Our dedicated Customer Success Teams do the heavy lifting for you.

With Datascan, bring the power of integrated omnichannel selling straight to your sales floor. When you choose self-scan technology with Datascan, the time you normally spend solving inventory count problems can now be spent optimizing your omnichannel strategy.

*Survey gathered from Aspect Software, 2014.

To experience greater inventory accuracy, more control and less time and money spent, there's only one option: Datascan.

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