Success in the auto industry depends on your ability to provide your customers with the right parts at the right times. That means knowing what you have in stock and staying organized. 

Self-scan technology lets you count as often as needed to know exactly what you have on hand, even with the many parts varieties.

Easy-to-use scanners

Place an order to rent our scanners and they will ship the same day

Real-time inventory-tracking software

Connect all of your locations to our best-in-class software

On-the-go mobile app

Monitor your inventory-tracking progress from anywhere

RFID Technology

Improve your inventory accuracy and speed with new RFID tracking

Supplemental staffing

Rely on our staff to support your inventory tracking if needed

Automotive Roundtable

Self-Scan Inventory

Your parts staff counts with Datascan equipment and software

Guided Inventory

We provide the expertise of an on-site inventory manager while your staff counts with Datascan equipment

Full-Service Inventory

We provide inventory manager and personnel to conduct the count all using Datascan scanners and software
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Real-time visibility into your parts counts
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • 30% reduction in labor and inventory expense
  • 0% capital expenditure
  • User-friendly scanners and hardware
  • Industry leading counting application and inventory management system
  • Full DMS integration
  • Bar code and RFID Solutions
  • Self-scan, guided and full inventory counts available
  • Custom data & analytics reporting provided after each count
  • Supplemental staffing available
Datascan is a CDK Global Approved Partner with integration in the CDK parts physical inventory process. This means no more key punching updated counts, where errors can occur.

Our Business Development Manager for the Automotive Division, Ron Resnick, has over 40 years’ experience in automotive parts department operations. Ron has also personally conducted over 100 inventory counts and is versed in many dealership DMS’.

Our business partner for Guided and Full counts, Tom Calloway, can provide the staffing you require and the expertise to assure your count is 100% accurate and certified. Tom is a 30+ year veteran of the automotive industry, with extensive experience in the new car dealer aftersales space and fixed operations. Tom is currently the President of A2CX Mgmt LLC.

“It takes no time at all to get the international teams prepared and training is simple. I had no idea it would work so well. It’s been a huge benefit to have one way of counting across the world!”
Tommy Bahama
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