With self-scan, you utilise your most trusted asset, your employees, during the stock take process.

As a result, you experience significantly greater accuracy, more control and less investment of time and money. Our concept with self-scan believes your staff has a vested interest in accuracy and knows your product and merchandising standards better than any outside third party service. Plus, our scanners are simple to use! Most sales associates find the functionality of our scanners easy to maneuver. They also enjoy the audit function and real-time reporting available to them right at their fingertips during a physical stock take. Our typical client engagement is made up of three distinct phases:

Pre-Stock Take Planning

  • Datascan assigns account managers to each client to plan stock takes up to a year in advance.
  • Our account managers work with clients to determine stock take best practices and identify necessary changes to gain maximum efficiency and count accuracy.
  • Clients’ corporate staff interacts with Datascan to plan scheduling of counts, process changes and scanner requirements for their stores.
  • Software configuration, reporting requirements and change requests are discussed, tested and implemented accordingly.
  • Training materials are provided by, reviewed and updated as necessary by Datascan.

Stock Take Execution

  • Datascan prepares individual store shipments of scanners and equipment, fixture tags and training materials in advance of the count date.
  • The Support Desk contacts each store to assist with equipment set-up, testing and answer any initial questions prior to a count.
  • Store fixture maps are prepared and fixture tags are laid throughout the store by the staff.
  • A quick 20-minute Training Session is scheduled for the count team, scanners are allocated to the store staff and the count begins.
  • Real-time reporting is available to all stores during a count and can be monitored by store managers, store associates and corporate staff.
  • Real-time variance reporting is available and drives re-counts as a cautionary tool for the stores.
  • Store managers are able to close the count utilising pre-defined procedures and controls.
  • Comprehensive reporting of variances, audits and count results are available immediately after close to those present at the count and others located remotely.
  • Datascan’s 24/7 Client Support Centre is available to resolve any issues and provide troubleshooting assistance throughout the entire process.
  • Stores pack and return equipment to Datascan using the same shipping containers and Datascan’s pre-printed shipping labels.

Post-Stock Take Review

  • Provide productivity and accuracy analysis by store and sales associate.
  • Identify stock take trends at the store, department and SKU level.
  • Assess effectiveness of stock take procedures, audit policies and store-wide planning.
  • Review incoming calls to the Datascan Client Support Centre with clients to identify trends and potential areas for process improvement.