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Below are questions that Datascan frequently answers. If you don’t see your question below, feel free to contact us for more information.

Is there a lot of equipment set up or learning required by my stores?

No. The equipment is plug-and-play right out of the box and comes with your item master file loaded on each scanner. The stores do NOT have to perform any initialisation to get started. Each retailer’s manual is customised and contains pictures. Our Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to take questions. We also have a DVD training department that partners with our retailers to develop short stock take DVDs specific to each retailer. Datascan provides a complete system and full support that allow first-time store managers to accurately complete a stock take in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Does my company buy the scanners?

No, Datascan rents the equipment to retailers. The hardware is only a portion of the services Datascan provides, but this requires no capital investment on your part. It is Datascan’s responsibility to maintain the hardware and provide software and reporting customisations for each retailer that can be changed as your needs change. Our retailers rent based on their stock take needs––some keep the equipment year-round, while others only need it for one weekend each year.

What type of support is provided?

Datascan has a 24-hour Customer Care Team that is available 365 days a year. We help monitor your store’s progress from the time the equipment ships until it is back in our warehouse. We proactively reach out directly to stores with inquiries while taking all inbound calls regarding process or equipment questions.

What if we don’t have the staff/payroll to scan our stores?

Datascan’s new patented scanner and wireless transmission options have shown to dramatically decrease stock take times. Many retailers have addressed the staffing situation over the years, but find that the benefits of self-scan are worth exploring creative solutions. Some retailers develop strike teams or specialists to move through a district to supplement the store staff and facilitate the stock takes. Other retailers have developed methods to scan stores over multiple days or even while they are open for business. Datascan partnered with a retailer facing staffing issues years ago to pioneer a scan-while-you sell method that takes the POS timestamp and matches it to the stock take timestamp. We balance the sales transaction files against our scan data to produce an accurate stock file.

How quickly can I review the results?

Datascan offers real-time data flow. Data is uploaded, replicated and displayed on our website within 10 seconds. Our system enables visibility to details within a single store or high-level status updates across an entire chain throughout the whole process. This allows for a proactive approach in managing the stock take process from start to finish. When the stock take is completed, the final stock take file is automatically generated and delivered within minutes.

How much time will my IT department have to devote to this?

The transition to self-scan does not require many hours from any department, IT in particular. We assist retailers throughout the process by developing training materials and conducting conference calls to make the transition as smooth as possible. From an IT perspective, there is no need to change file formats nor will we require any more data than what is currently sent to your stock provider.

Is there a conflict of interest having our associates scanning our products?

Our retailers get a more accurate stock take by using their own people paired with our customised software. They still conduct rescanned audits to ensure associates are scanning accurately and know they are being audited. The audit process allows them to focus on products or sections of the stores that they are most concerned about due to known shrink issues. The real-time data flow and visibility given to managers (at the regional or district level) is also a large deterrent, as stores know they are being monitored. Our system is used to conduct stock takes in over 60,000 takes per year and we have never been informed of a situation where an associate has been caught padding a stock take during a physical stock take.

Do external auditors approve Self-Scan?

Absolutely! Our system is used by retailers that are audited by all major firms and they have never reported any issues with self-scan. In fact, Datascan provides External Audit tools on both the scanner and the website to reduce in-store auditors from distracting the store manager. Datascan annually has a SSAE16 II (formally SAS 70 II) audit completed that assists with retailers’ SOX compliance.

Why not just leave this to the “experts”?

Your associates are the real experts. Unlike an outside service, your associates are in the store day in and day out. They know your merchandising standards and they know your ticketing approach; to them, it’s second nature to look inside cabinets, in back rooms, and on top of shelves. They have a vested interest in achieving an accurate take and understand how doing so will help keep them in business.

What separates you from other Self-Scan companies?

Datascan’s proactive account management team help plan and execute retailer stock takes with an unparalleled ability to personalise our solutions. Industry-leading reporting and analytics are backed by a client care team that consistently exceed expectations. In addition, Datascan offers a number of value-added features, including the following:

  • Data is secured in a data centre in Dallas, TX and London, UK, and then replicated in a remote disaster recovery centre in Austin, TX.
  • Patented and customised wireless scanners specifically designed for physical stock takes.
  • Customised training DVDs designed in-house and completed within six weeks.
  • Dual reporting facilities with both store- and corporate-based interfaces.
  • Variance reporting available in real time for immediate research.
  • Datascan partners with retailers to optimise cost-effectiveness, including ground shipment options.
  • We are chosen by top names in retail year after year, and Datascan is the largest self-scan stock take provider with over 100,000 scanners.

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