The DART Customer website allows our customers to manage their own stock take process and store counts from beginning to end. From stock take pre-count tasks to post count activities, Datascan has you covered with the tools you need to effectively complete your stock take cycles.

Stock Take Lifecycle

The Datascan Self-Scan Lifecycle

The self-scan process consists of four easy steps: Pre-count, Count, Corrections, and Post Count.



Prepare your store for the count and train Employees on use of the DART scanner and stock take procedures.



Set up your store on the DART website, count and audit merchandise, and monitor stock take progress.



Research discrepancies between counted and on-hand units, correct variances, and close the count.


Post Count

Recover store, review post-count reports, and package and return stock take equipment to Datascan.

DART Website

The DART website is your portal for managing your counts throughout the entire stock take process. Our customers can navigate through the tabs on the left as the store stock take progresses from pre-count stock take activities all the way through closing the count.

The Pre-Count tab allows stores to track equipment shipments and scanner tests, manage employees who will participate in the count,view stock take instruction documents and track tasks that should be completed before the count date.

The count tab is utilized during the actual store counts to set up a store in DART, monitor the count, manage audits and close the count when it is completed.

From the Corrections tab, you will view your variance reports and enter any necessary corrections to the stock take count.

The Post Count tab provides reports and a list of activities to be completed after the count is closed.

The Reports tab provides access to all of the reports available to your store. Reports are grouped according to their use in the stock take process.

The Stores tab below is not visible to store personnel and is set up by the corporate office with user permissions. For example, a district manager would only see the stores in his district. Corporate users can see all stores. By clicking on the blue store number on the left, the user will be taken to the Count tab for that specific store. They will be able to move between tabs and see the same thing the store sees on those tabs. Corporate users, and sometimes district and regional users, will also have access to more reports, which will be available wherever reports are available on the different tabs. Our customers are able to set up permissions and the ability to view data as they see fit for their stores.

Stores tab