Do you have an stock take count blind spot?

What if you could have immediate visibility in to your counts, while traveling or on the go, right from your personal hand-held device?

Never lose sight of your stock take progress with Datascan’s new DART Insight mobile app.

Here are some highlighted features of the app.

  • Immediate access to stock take data on your hand-held mobile device.
  • Ability to quickly identify potential risks and challenges during a store count.
  • Communicate exceptions to individuals who are overseeing your counts.
  • Visibility of critical information you need throughout the PI process and the ability to correct any issues that may come up.

With the DART Insight App, you are able to see real-time data and progress of your counts right at your fingertips.

DART insight mobile app

Real-time visibility is critical to all retailers when conducting a stock take. The quicker a retailer can identify exceptions and risks, the more effective they will be in correcting these issues before real problems occur. With Datascan’s new mobile app, our customers are able to see real-time stock take status on their hand-held devices immediately – without waiting to log on to a computer.

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Explore Datascan’s self-scan stock take solution and the added benefits, such as our DART Insight App, that will support your overall business initiatives - giving you an edge with real-time visibility and control over your stock take.

Download the DART Insight App from the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Playstore for immediate visibility in to your active store counts.

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