For many retailers, the cost of conducting store inventory counts can be expensive and logistically challenging when trying to utilize a 3rd party inventory counting provider. Datascan has created a solution where retailers can take advantage of our counting software and capabilities on their own devices – simple as that!

How it works

Datascan customers install and maintain our software on their devices. When it is time for a store count, the process is quicker, easier and managed right on their own devices. Our customers reduce the cost of logistics by equipping their own staff to use the devices they are already trained and comfortable with – plus there is no waiting on a 3rd party inventory counting provider to implement the process.

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Benefits of loading our inventory counting software to your device

Any combination of DART Scanners, DART Connect for Android phones and DART Connect for Zebra Devices can be used to count any of your stores at any time with Datascan.

DART Connect Device Requirements

  • Android Devices 4.4 or later
  • Enterprise Devices including Symbol, Motorola and Zebra Scanners
  • Processor: 800 Hz, Single Core, Multi Core is recommended
  • Flash Size: APK (>15MB), SKU DB (Varies by Customer 10MB – 400MB)
  • WIFI/Cellular: Required
  • RAM:>500MB
  • BarCode Scan Engine: 2D Imagers or 1D Scan Engines
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Downloadable PDF available