Why work at Datascan?

We could give you the easy answer: Datascan is a great place to work! But there’s more to it than that.

Datascan is a company that believes in developing people and challenging them with opportunities to grow. We love what we do and take collective pride in the performance of the team. You’ll know exactly what value you are adding and how your actions make a difference to the company.

Our business is providing mission critical solutions that best serve our clients.

We are looking for people who think creatively, develop agile solutions and execute on great ideas. We seek employees who will contribute to our mission of uncompromised commitment to value.


Who is a good fit for Datascan?

We look for people who are drivers and innovators. Our company is nimble and dynamic so we want employees who are flexible, adaptable and happy to embrace change. Bring your enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a healthy sense of humor, and you could be a great fit. Expect to have a lot demanded from you at peak times, but be re-paid for that commitment when times are slower. Client care is our number one priority; we want you to be a part of that mission if you strive for excellence in customer service.


Datascan culture

Our culture is driven by what we do and say every day. It is defined by how we work together, communicate, problem-solve and deliver on our commitment to our clients.

We adopt a philosophy of “no excuses” and a relentless desire to achieve team goals through a willingness to learn, ask questions and strive for innovation. We ask ourselves how we do something better, faster or easier in order to delight our customers.

We believe in the importance of responsibility, ownership and the idea that every individual deserves respect and consideration. At the end of the day, it is the smiles on our faces for a job well done that means everything.