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How will inventory integration help you?

How Self-Scan adds up

The use of your own associates paired with the power of the Datascan system allows you to realise much more accurate results while completing the scans in a more efficient manner ultimately reducing the cost of performing stock take. We have worked with Finance and Audit professionals for more than 40 years and found the following attributes to be the most compelling from your perspective.

  • Approved for use by all major audit firms.
  • Software controls ensure count integrity put in place by the corporate directors.
  • Controls limit the stock taking method that can be done during a PI.
  • SAS 70 Type II/SSAE16 II is published and provided to all clients.
  • Strategic scanned audits can be enforced at the store level to ensure associate accuracy and recounts on high dollar or high shrink items.
  • Real-time reporting provides immediate insight into stock take progress and accuracy.
  • Variance reporting based on book to physical discrepancies can be delivered immediately after a stock take to drive retakes and reduce reconciliation time at the store or across your entire chain.
  • Stock take files are transmitted immediately following the stock take and are compatible with all types of financial/ERP systems/databases including SAP, Oracle, Island Pacific, Epicor, etc.

How we work with you

Our goal is to become an extension of your IT staff. The Datascan team will accept and return files in the current and required format for your internal system. When someone within your organisation needs a report or stock analysis done it is our job. No more special projects or IT hours required related to stock take.

  • Running Linux based operating system – providing the most stable and flexible platform available.
  • 24/7 direct access help desk assistance for stores and corporate associates.
  • Working seamlessly with many ERP and Financial systems such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, Island Pacific, RetailPro, etc.
  • Accept all file formats.
  • Full system redundancy to ensure data security and up-time.
  • Disaster recovery data centres.
  • Accept last minute format and file changes as well as requests for reporting and software functionality.

Knowledge is power

Your Store Operations team has the most knowledgeable and capable staff already managing and running your stores’ day-to-day activities. In fact, there isn’t anyone else who could possibly have the same vested interest and ability to execute a stock take. It is your corporate Operations directives and policies that drive your stores’ daily activities, so why let stock take be the exception? We have worked with Store Operations professionals for more than 40 years and found the following attributes to be the most compelling from your perspective.

  • Our custom scanners were designed with store level staff in mind. SIMPLE!
  • Your staff’s knowledge of the product and store schemas enhance the Datascan system to even further reduce stock take times and increase accuracy.
  • Our proactive Help Desk will assist your stores directly by monitoring from shipment to stock take completion.
  • Stores may call our 24/7 US based Client Support Centre and get a live person in less than 2 minutes 365 days a year.
  • Our in-house training department will work to customise your training materials which may also include a DVD filmed in your store.
  • Online reporting and email alerts allow your corporate and field managers to access the progress of the stock takes in real-time and be alerted to any exceptions.
  • Datascan post stock take analysis and in-person meetings following your stock takes will assist in annually evaluating your stock take processes and making improvements to increase efficiency.

Our value to you

Datascan partners with our client’s Loss Prevention agents to assist them in ensuring all corporate stock take processes meet their integrity standards. One of your main objectives each day is to protect your company’s assets and during physical stock take you need assurance that system controls are in place along with exception reporting to alert you of abnormal behavior. We have worked with Loss Prevention professionals for more than 40 years and found the following attributes to be the most compelling from your perspective.

  • Exception reports and automated alerts, using real-time data, notify field managers of specific stores, associates or items issues based on predetermined criteria.
  • While the use of your own vested staff inherently increases accuracy, we recognize that a major deterrent for all dishonest behavior is knowing that someone is monitoring live counts.
  • Random and system enforced audits spread equally across all scanning associates ensure accountability.
  • Additional cycle stock takes, transfer scans and manifest audit programs enhance the accuracy of the perpetual stock take and can also be used a deterrent.

Self-Scan approved

Many Datascan clients are publically traded and audited by a Big Four audit firm. Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and Ernest and Young have all approved clients to Self-Scan.  Our solutions have External audit features and reports that make using Datascan easier for both the auditor and the retail clients.

  • SAS70 Type II (SSAE 16 Type II) published annually.
  • External Audit feature on the scanner for both Detail and Unit audits.
  • Access to real-time data for monitoring and research down to the UPC level.
  • Post stock take validation reports for selected stores.

Building a better business

We are actively looking for qualified Retail Solution Providers to join our Partner Network. We strive to make becoming a Datascan Alliance Partner simple, rewarding and profitable. Combining your expertise and experience in the Retail market with our leading Stock Take Self-Scan solutions will help your business broaden its market footprint and extend its penetration into retail clients.

Qualifying Businesses

Datascan Alliance Partners typically focus an element of their business on In-Store solutions and/or services, and have experience in dealing with Retail Store Operations.

The following are ideally suited:

  • Value added resellers (VARs).
  • System integrators.
  • Consulting service providers.
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs).
  • Independent hardware vendors.

Committed to your success

We are fully committed to the success of our Alliance Partners. We will work closely with you to drive market activity and will provide training and certification, tools and documentation, marketing materials, and expert technical support.

In the spirit of true partnership, we aim to build long-term relationships that are mutually successful, support an alignment of business objectives and generate value through differentiation, growth and profitability.

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