When your inventory counting process takes up your time and resources, you need a solution. You need Datascan.

Our Stock Take Solution

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At Datascan, we built a solution designed to be easy to use, empowering our retail customers to control their stock take process. We built our solution as a service, so every component is designed to be easy to use, accessible to our retail partners and efficient at delivering results throughout their organisations.

Datascan provides professional services to every customer. These professional services complete the customer configuration process, program your procedure and package your data outputs. Our licensed SaaS software opens up the infrastructure and portal access to retailers, eliminating the boundaries and guesswork of traditional stock take process. Whether you are conducting annual PI counts or frequent cycle counts, our solution can equip you for a successful stock take process every time.

Our Self-Scan Solution offers:

  • Guaranteed stock take dates determined by the retailer
  • All equipment and area tags ship directly to the stores
  • Scanner ergonomically designed for stress-free scanning
  • Intuitive, configurable software with a user-friendly interface
  • Extensive quality assurance and control on all software prior to shipment
  • Unparalleled reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Mobile access to real-time data
  • No additional store set-up required
  • Customisable stock take close options based on retailer procedures
  • Industry-leading data security
  • Global Client Support Center access
  • 24-hour technical support, 365 days a year
  • User community and best practices forum
  • Stock take process consulting and planning

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Secure & Trusted

Wherever your stock takes happen around the globe, Datascan provides ample connectivity, servers and routers ensuring high availability and uninterrupted stock take activity. Independent testing and load simulations are conducted bi-annually to ensure system load capabilities are sufficient to exceed our stringent tolerance requirements. Data encryption is strictly applied on the scanner, during communication and at our data centers. All security exists independently from retailer infrastructures.

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