Learn how real-time access into your inventory count data is possible with Datascan


In addition to counting your store merchandise, Datascan offers several item lookup solutions to support the needs of your retail stores.


Datascan can facilitate and support an item markdown process in your retail stores. This helps you update item tickets and new prices for store merchandise.

Price Look-up

Our team supports worldwide retailers with their price lookup process enabling a better understanding of current merchandise pricing and options to change those prices as necessary.

Own your stock take data

From stock take preparation through post count analysis, Datascan offers complete control over monitoring, identifying and resolving stock taking situations.

Our efficient and cost-effective solution enables retailers to self-scan physical stock and provides store managers and corporate users real-time access to stock status and post-count stock take data.

Our real-time reporting allows you to:

Our real-time reporting allows you to:

  • View store count data immediately after an area is scanned
  • Access a configurable, metrics driven dashboard at all levels
  • Retain mobile access to all dashboards and reports
  • Obtain overall inventory progress for all stores at district, regional and corporate level
  • Utilize drill down capability allowing comprehensive research down to the item level
  • Sort data by employee or by value
  • Review overwritten, deleted or missing areas
  • Compare and resolve failed audits
  • View SKU/UPC by description, cost, department or class
  • Run variance reports by item, department or store level

Interested to see how your counts are progressing while on the go or traveling – right on your hand-held device?

Check out our new mobile app that allows our clients the opportunity monitor store stock taking activities in real-time. This app helps to quickly identify potential risks and challenges that can be corrected immediately – avoiding further error and set-back during stock taking.

DART Insight
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Monitoring capability provides visibility into:

  • Store’s receipt of equipment and preparation tasks via interactive checklists
  • Number of areas set up and percent completion of stock taking and close rate
  • Number of sections audited and recounted during a count
  • Stores outside completion tolerances identified through customized email alerts

Retailers gain and keep control:

  • Ability to research a UPC/SKU in a single store or throughout the company
  • Selection of areas for audit based on high shrink SKU’s or value
  • Confirmation that each store associate is audited
  • Generation of forced recounts based on initial variance data
  • Ability to monitor login activity to ensure DM and RM ownership
  • Potential to view a list of all audits and discrepancies in failed audits real time

Take your control full-circle with research:

  • Reporting items counted in back stock not found on the sales floor
  • Comparing year-over-year data
  • Viewing audit and count accuracy by store and associate
  • Tracking stock take trends at store, department or SKU level
  • Assessing effectiveness of stock taking procedures, audit policies and store planning

Discover how our self-scan solution provides better counting results than a third-party provider.