You have many choices when it comes to your stock taking. We know what you need for a smooth, successful stock take – we are the experts! Datascan focuses on a solution that is innovative, efficient and reliable, designed just for you.

Datascan has transformed from a trail-blazing pioneer to a well-respected industry leader. Through its unique Solution-as-a-Service model, Datascan provides a range of cutting-edge Self-Scan Stock Take Data Solutions, all developed with the objective of transforming raw stock take data into valuable, actionable information.


Datascan’s Solution-as-a-Service model can be easily implemented by bundling all necessary hardware and software with unrestricted access to reporting and analytics into a single, straightforward system available on demand to you.

Model features:

  • Accelerated software features and functionality
  • Limited set-up and no maintenance requirements
  • Our solution is available on demand. We work around your schedule, not ours
  • Retailer specific configuration and personalisation
  • Simple pricing model with no upselling

Self-Scan Stock Take Data Solutions

  • Complete, wall-to-wall physical stock take counts
  • Cycle counts, category & target counts
  • Store relocation & transfers between locations
  • Theft and damage counts
  • Warehouse counts


  • Flexibility in stock take planning and execution
  • Full control over store counts and increased stock take accuracy and audit efficiency
  • Completely personalised dashboard, reporting and analytics
  • Real-time visibility of stock take reports
  • Overall stock take cost reductions saving you on your bottom line

Stock Take Consulting Services

Datascan thrives on engaging clients and offers a consultative approach in customising a stock take plan that is specific to their business needs.

We are able to add significant value to our clients by partnering in:

  • Stock take planning
  • Stock take best practices
  • Audit best practices
  • Report and stock take analysis personalisation
  • Staff training

Differentiation through Constant Innovation

Datascan owes its reputation for client satisfaction to the dedication and experience of our team and their relationship and dedication to our clients. In fact, our history of innovation is directly driven by our close working relationships with clients and has resulted in a number of “firsts” for our company. We are committed to our clients and enjoy a partnership with each of them that continues to grow over time.