Learn how our new, innovative, out of the box inventory solution will have your retail stores counting in days


Easy. Accurate. Efficient. Flexible.

When you choose to self-scan, you choose control over the stock taking process with the added benefits of flexibility and ease-of-use. Leverage the store-level knowledge and employee familiarity of your store processes, while increasing your count accuracy. Our solution decreases your total cost of ownership by eliminating excess labor hours and reducing your total stock take time, from the pre-planning phase to the post-count variance reconciliation phase.


  • Equipment delivered to the store, ready-to-scan
  • Year-round planning support and 24/7 global customer service 
  • Works over Wi-Fi 


  • Real-time reporting across all stores, down to the item
  • Immediate online reconciliation with safeguards
  • Increased stock take accuracy 
  • Industry standard compliance with tools and training materials


  • No capital expenditure required: use only what you need
  • System-generated audits with fail-proof safeguards 
  • Ergonomic design for quick scanning
  • Quicker post-count recovery, saving valuable time


  • Use Self-Scan to perform multiple stock taking types: complete store, cycle counts, store set-up and more
  • Scan stores on your schedule
  • Configure the software to meet your needs
  • Real time reporting: monitor, control and react

Our Proven Self-Scan Solutions

Our comprehensive self-scan solutions put implementation and control at your fingertips. We offer a combination of hardware and software applications that are powerful in their capabilities, yet simple to use, requiring minimal user training.

The data we collect for you during your stock taking can be used for audit requirements, shrink focus initiatives, operational reviews and omnichannel efforts. Our customer success team works alongside you from start to finish, making sure you receive the most out of your stock taking data.

As you consider changes to improve your count process, keep this question in mind: Like self-scan, does your process improve overall stock take accuracy, all while minimizing cost and risk?

Need to know more about how self-scan stacks up against the alternatives?

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